Silence, darkness connive
Eve of shadows, gloomy
Listless whispers unheard
Cries swallowed by cold
Empty abode’s cracked walls
Sharp-edged rubble cuts
Deep through the flesh
Venomous broken glasses
Biting every bit of skin
Grinding door’s hinges
Torture to the ears
Every attempt of escape
Block by the frozen door
And iron curtained window
Smell of sweet surrender
Of peace and respite
Faith begins to fade
As the scent of defeat
Slowly crumples
A frail, tired spirit

3 Responses to "Blinded Moon"

  1. Hi RS .. love the analogies here .. the grinding doors torturing the ears .. oooh they do .. when they screech. The picture of the moon - certainly tells the story .. thanks - Hilary

  2. your title is sizzling,
    magical word painting.
    Thanks for the treat.

  3. brilliant poem.
    keep it coming.


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