Short Sad Poems about Love

Come Back Home

I will explore
the unknown
as I am about lie down
on a cold bed alone
left the door open
hoping you'll come
tonight or at dawn
before I become

Bitter Nectar

Even I who have the rose, confused
Much more those who stare from afar
I who holds the rose, bleeds profusely
Lucky those who distantly admire

Pity to those who envy me, ironic
I used to be one, a resolute bee
Hums and adore her luscious petals
Now drenched
 with her bitter nectar

Pain Behind the Pane

Weeping dark clouds
Gust of wind, thunder roars
Chills, so cold and bitter
Tears from a pair of eyes
Just behind the windowpane

The Storm

Rain ot ocean beach

Pounding waves
The sea is restless
The boat starts to sink
House divided
Divorce papers

5 Responses to "Short Sad Poems about Love"

  1. So lonely. The waiting can be so unbearable and at times there is nothing you can do about that feeling. Hope you don't have to wait long:)

  2. It is so sad and I can relate to the words. I hope that she will be back soon too.

  3. Anonymous02:18

    Ah, who hasn't felt that desperation at one time or another? Your words bring depth to the feeling of alone-ness.

  4. Anonymous10:56

    So nice, loved it! Short and beautiful!

  5. Thank you guys, one way or the other we have been through this.


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