Fell Out of Love

Not alone yet lonely
Have too much but not enough
Something’s missing
Where is the love?

I hold your hand
My body pressed against yours
I can feel only void
Where is the love?

I sleep next to you
  My thoughts are somewhere else
Your breath is no longer sweet
Where is the love?

How can I tell you?
I want to get out,
But I don't want you hurt
How will I find love again?

5 Responses to "Fell Out of Love"

  1. Anonymous02:01

    I like this very much - it's not easy falling out of love... so many things to consider

  2. Thanks gospelwriter, saying goodbye to someone will never be easy.

  3. Ronald,

    A very powerful piece of emotion and reality meeting.

    Best wishes,

  4. Hi RS .. sad - often it is the getting out and living one's own life .. better probably in the end for both - but definitely for the one wanting to go.

    Love the picture .. barbed wire is it?!

    Cheers from a cold snowy England .. Hilary

  5. aaaaw this is so sad. But for everyone who falls in love there are those that fall out of it.


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