True Love Conquers Even Death

When two hearts become one
And souls promise ‘til the end
Against and amid struggles
Even a mighty sword can’t sever

When love weighs than words
And sincerity is in its utmost
Enmity never and shall not win
Even in dreams will not ever sin

Mortal bodies will be disfigured
And time will claim what is due
Ashes to ashes as it has been told
Even they cannot escape and hold

Nature will take its course
But nothing can be worst
As even death will fail
To separate two tangled souls

4 Responses to "True Love Conquers Even Death"

  1. Very true!There is no bond greater than a bond of the souls created by love.

    A touching creation,Ronald!

  2. indeed this is an amazing imagery! Well done brother!

  3. That was a brilliant poem. very nice. Thank you...

  4. Ronald,
    Very powerful words to express the loss that death does bring, at least physically.
    I do like your thoughts that the souls are forever joined.
    The figures in your photograph are amazing!

    I always have associated the clouds with the soul, even as a child.



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