You Are and More

Your love hovers upon me
Like the clouds above
Your care and patience
Can calm my restlessness
Like the riverbanks contain
The ripples of the water
Keeping it on hold and be still

Your forbearance rivals
The abundant dense forest
When on my darkest times
You shower me with light
Like the sunshine’s caress
Over the green thick grass
You are and more than that
Thank you for nursing my heart

15 Responses to "You Are and More"

  1. Beautiful poem, full of love and gratitude. I especially love "thank you for nursing my heart". Very tender. The photograph above is stunning and so goes with the "sun's caress of the thick green grass". Lovely.

  2. Thanks Sherry, you are bad, I just have read your piece "Obelisk Moon" and it made me cry remembering my late mother who is also the subject of my verses above.

  3. This is so beautiful!Gratitude is felt in every word.Always a joy to know one is loved and cared for!

    And the pic is totally majestic.WOnder if Eileen will let me use some of her pics,too.HAHA!!

    Great Team!A beautiful pic fitting for your beautiful words.

  4. Beautiful!! heart-touching poetry, definitely has been written with great emotion.

  5. June, Eileen is a poetess herself, you can see visit her blog just by clicking her name below the picture and she's a very good friend.

  6. Stunning and beautiful!

  7. Ronald,
    I have had some quiet moments in which to read your poem. The words are so lovingly crafted and filled with a great and very palpable love.

    Thank you also for attributing the photograph to me. I feel very honoured that you have used it to accompany these words.

    Your blog presentation looks fantastic. You have been working very hard!!
    Best wishes, Eileen :)

  8. Brad, this blog looks lovely eheheee, galing! give me a poke and message me, I have something to discuss

  9. This poem is so beautifully visual. My mind sees every verse and it makes me smile along with it.

  10. Ellen I think you should thank your brother for your nick Ella, I kinda like the latter and thanks for dropping by and leaving a mark.

  11. Eileen you're so gracious in sharing to me your precious pictures and I am glad I'm close to giving justice to your visual poetry.

    Psalmist and Eileen, I must confess I am a "feminist" and it took over me to have used this template.

  12. Hi RS .. I love the poem .. especially the last line - I sort of feel I'm doing that for my mother ..

    Eileen's photo again .. I must get over to her blog soon ..

    Thanks - I love these evocative poems .. Hilary

  13. Thanks Hilary, you should know her, she's a great person and a very caring friend to have.

  14. i love your poem. it has a lot of meanings. it is indeed very soothing and heart touching. i hope you can share some more to us. thanks for sharing this with us. i

  15. The picture is the perfect complimenting piece to your poem. Thanks for posting this!


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