We always assume,
Claiming success
Maybe it’s the fume
Of pure conceit

We gloat a lot
Victory at hand
Come to think of it
Bags are empty

We lavish and feast
With our day’s catch
Eel and a fish
Tomorrow none

Blinded by moon beam
Attracted by our own
Glow that fades when
The sun comes up

4 Responses to "False Triumph"

  1. Really profound meaning..
    At the end, do you mean,
    glow that lasts until sun comes up?

  2. I used "when" for the rhyming scheme, a-b-a-c. but still trying to find the right word that can fit in without affecting the thought.

    Thanks Punam for taking time to read my work.

  3. Ronald,
    A very powerful piece of writing. The human greed and need factor, sometimes simply built on sand....

    Excellent message.....

    Best wishes, Eileen

  4. Hi Ronald .. says it all .. we need that underbelly - that security pinned down .. our sensitive and sensible roots established .. gloating floats out to forever ephemerise (if that's a word!).

    Thank you - Hilary


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