Fantasy, My Reality (The Power of Love)

There are moments when I could almost
hold the earth with my bare hands
those are the times when I feel you most
minutes of love and affections

there are some instances I am so lost
and confused of where I stand
what and who am I in your life
where do I fit in your world?

am I just too caught up in a fantasy?
I wonder if what we have is just a dream
that I just made it seem so real
are we real or just merely an illusion

I can’t seem to find the rhythm
and rhyming lines hardly come by
I guess a confused heart is crying
but so afraid to ask questions

in spite and despite of uncertainties
it doesn't matter if it’s real or a fantasy
long as my heart longs for you
I’m at peace, believing it is love that binds us

When in love, reality and fantasy is almost the same, dreaming and being awake is harder to distinguish. The happiness blurs the line between what is real and what is not. - RS Mallari