Make Everyday A Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day, lover’s day, hearts day
Flowers and chocolates everywhere
But for someone who truly loves
Valentines is almost every day

Chocolates melts, flowers wither
True love grows, never will it break
Gifts are great, it touches the heart
Pure love is the greatest, it lasts

Give your heart with all your love
And not things that you can buy
Embrace your beloved, never let go
Kiss like you've never did before

Fancy candle dinner may be fine
But try to walk while the moon shines
For it’s not really the food that counts
But the memories, forever be in your mind

The morning shall come,
Don’t ever think that you are done
Make every day and every night
Valentines forever for your love ones

Give not because you are obliged, rather give when you feel like it, when your only intention is to make your beloved happy and not for the sake of any occasion. The best gift you can ever give is love and not those glittering jewelries. - RS Mallari