Agony of Waiting


by Karen Joy
Rippl Sorrow

failed to sleep last night,
was it the ticking of the
clock that kept me awake?
just sittin' up on my bed
listening to my breathing,
- growing deeper,
as the smoke from my coffee
- curling thicker.
armed with my pen,
face to face with a blank sheet
waiting, for the verses to fall...

just sittin' up on the bed
waiting for your voice
to utter my name,

For the last time.

the pen unfolds
the secrets of your lies,
the blank sheet turned gray
and crumpled,
because I filled it with these tears...

To put an end to this agony.

About Life

By Elaine Hebert
Lake Charles, La.
Cosmic Laundry

My dryer sounds like a jackhammer
it's going to town on my head.
Just three more loads, sixty minutes each.
Not too long now until my head explodes.
The clothes are dry, without a wrinkle,
ahhh, the sweet sound of silence as I fold.