Eternal Circle-A Dark Poem


1. Deep into the night,
I'm looking for some love,
Deep into the night,
I'm above all, but alone

2. Deep into' the dark
Desire makes me strong
Deep into' the dark
I am longing for some blood

3. Alone into the mist,
I break out my own soul
And my burial is heavy:
Never did a Demon love
An Angel !?!

4. Roses have thorns, they say
And Demons are Evil!
But did they know :
Roses and Demons are born
from Angels ?

5. Deep in the ground,
The Demon's eyes are awake
They saw only one rose
Rising from the Demon's
empty heart.

6. Deep into the sun,
An Angel is born
Light born from light,
Fell on Earth, just beside
the Demon's tomb.

7. Deep into the Angel's wings
Mischievous Demon's blood
Penetrates, when little Angel
Dare to embezzle the
Grim Rose

8. Deep into times,
Over the ages, the dreadful
Demon reborn as a simple shadow
At what he was before, he turned
into a Man.

9. Deep into time,
After She tasted the Demon’s
Dark blood, the Angel
Fell into sins, lost her purity
and became a mere Woman.

10. Deep into Man's mind
Whatever the reason was,
The Man never forgot,
The Angel’s silky touch.

11. Deep into the woman's
Artery, flows the Demon's
Damned Blood, and also
The starvation that once,
Filled Man's mind.

12. Deep into the night,
Two wanderers met each other
At a corner of the street
First looking for his
Very own Rose.

13. Deep into contemplation
Was the second wanderer.
And they didn't even see
One another, and only the Rose's perfume
And Blood taste remained.