Poems about Life (The Struggle and Bouncing Back)

You are tired of failing because you think you have done all you could and life is just so unfair. Maybe it is but do you really want to give up and just accept the failure? Life is a constant battle, a crossroad and it’s all up to you which path you will choose. Below is a simple verse that might motivate you a little. Just remember this.. “ All great things were just dreams that have been realized.” Dream, plan and work for it, fight the battle and never surrender.
Mountain summit hope is rising

Dream and Believe

When rain pours on you, drench in it
embrace and enjoy its caress
life will hit you hard sometimes
feel it, make the pain as your motivation

when fear envelopes your heart
conquer it, reclaim your courage and fight
break the chain of doubt, aspire
run with the light towards your destiny

the cloud of failures makes you weak
find the strength within yourself
hold on to that dream and never let go
believe, reach for the summit of success

You were once up there, all look up to you. You were basking in the pinnacle of you success. Then a twist of faith, you hit rock bottom; almost everyone left you except those who truly love you. Depression engulfed your whole being. Paralyzed and hopeless you are beginning to succumb to nothingness. But wait. Do you really think that’s the end of your story? So you stooped low and chose the path of self-destruction, come to think of it; to climb back up is easier for you because you’ve been there. Don’t you think?

The Bitter Pill

silver spoon in your mouth
finest wine in your glass
life is such a bliss
party every single night

you soaked in success
forgot that there is tomorrow
and life like an illness
bitter pill you must take sometimes

from the pedestal to the floor
from the throne down to your knees
life hit you so hard
ego and esteemed crushed

lost your bed of comfort
blanket of sorrow now covers you
crawl and learn, that’s right
stand up again and fight

claim the kingdom you lost
and when you do
be the best king that you can be
and not the person you used to be