Not the Perfect One but the Right one

What I have is all yours
My heart is in your hand
The only treasure I have
I don’t have a pot of gold
Nor a chest of jewelries

I won’t buy an island
As I don’t have the means
But I can take you to paradise
I’ll make it for you instead
Here with me, in my arms

Bigger men are all around
Vying for you like a trophy
With their big bank accounts
Fancy cars and promises
All I did was to love you

You chose the one with the heart
And not one of those rich kings
You held my hand, walked with me
A commoner, not an aristocrat
You ignored the nobles

You see me as a knight
And wipe away all my doubts
Helped me to catch a horse
The horse now we share
The witness of our undying love

I guess there can never be
Anyone that deserves your beauty
And I will never claim to be
I won’t even try to become the perfect one
Instead, for you I’ll try to be the right one