The Love I have Yet to Feel (Feeling of Passion)

By: Nicholas Rodriguez

The Love I have Yet to Feel

The love I have yet to find
Praying that one day I can call it all mine
True to life is what I try to stay
But trapped in this body of endless decay
Hardened by life and tortured by past
Written in words that will certainly last
Pained by my thoughts
And haunted by my faults
Feelings of hurt brought by my heart
Touching my soul that is ripping apart
I want to be happy I crave to be free
Knowing that sadly love may never find me
Scared to show my scars to the world or let someone in
Covered in fear and doubt trying not to let go of what I have within
Anyone can judge me if need be
For I live in my thoughts of anxiety
With that being said I would like all to see
A little of what lies deep inside me

Feeling of Passion 

Feeling her touch brings chills to my soul
Making my body feel so incredibly whole
Kissing her lips so soft and so moist
Hearing her moan in a sexy angelic voice
Feeling our bodies pressed chest to chest
Slow passionate love that can only be described as the best
Smile that is radiant and beautifully glowing
Feeling our juices wonderfully flowing
Touching her skin making her tremble for more
Caressing her body all the way to the core
Gazing into each other's eyes in passionate glare
Wondering what secrets of love they are willing to share
Can it truly be there
Then I awake to find my dream to be a nightmare
As I sit wondering if it will ever be
Is there anyone that will feel this type of passion for me