Wandering Thoughts


The sun rises with golden rays. Birds are joyfully singing happy tunes. Oh! wind blowing whispering, sweetly kissing embracing my heart with natures greetings I wish i'm a butterfly flying here and there from rose to rose, orchid to orchid, garden to garden.. a lasting feeling worth keeping with you.. in me... each

-String Melody-

So mysteriously, I hear
Someone plays string melody
a sweet music fill the air
so mysteriously, I hear

My heart began to feel
strange feeling, of harmony
So mysteriously, I hear;
someone plays string melody

It's just.. .

I hardly sleep, seldom to have dream I feel like crying, Its raining outside, I feel like showering under to wash away my unwanted tears WET; After the rain, even the sun, didn't show his face, and greet me with a smile, YET; I've come to my senses and realized that every day is different, some are happy, some are lonesome.